Brother J. Akens,

National Volunteer Program Dean/Dean of the School of Institutional Studies

        Acting Dean Akens seeks to educate and open up the mind of religious ( as part of his ministry goal). He directly oversee the implementation of all (offered) institutional program of education and ministry to every person and family members, held within our institutions. The goal is to provide such for free with the responsibility of the offender, ex-offender and others (connected) to take charge of their life and change. Not the system.

Brother R. Lomack Bey,

National Volunteer Program Director 

           Mr. Lomack Bey is credited to educating & counseling, more than 900 ex-offenders, while serving more than 40 years in prison. Using every tool open to him to ensure that each person become a law abiding citizen in our communities. He seeks to support more than 10,000 and create a chapter/charter in every State of the U.S. while honoring those whom remain law abiding citizens in our communities.