Brother R. Lomack Bey,

National Volunteer Program Director 

           Mr. Lomack Bey is credited to educating & counseling, more than 900 ex-offenders, while serving more than 40 years in prison. Using every tool open to him to ensure that each person become a law abiding citizen in our communities. He seeks to support more than 10,000 released and to create chapters/charters, in every State of the U.S., while honoring those whom remain law abiding citizens in our communities.

That after the vote of the membership, its' chapters/chartes (of 82.9%). We do hereby issue our 2020  resolution. The National Board of Membership expresses  its deepest appreciation for the outstanding contributions made by President Donald J Trump during his  public service, in support of Ex-offenders, their families, and our communities of release. Law and order equal equality in justice for all. Thank you Mr. President. click Mr. Trump Photo for full resolution.