What Happens?

1. An ex-offender who wishes to be link with us upon their release from prison to get help with settlement or re-settlement completes one of our referral forms.
2. We obtain risk and needs assessments from our team, a member of prison staff, community leaders, public records and possible the probation officer in the releasing communities.
3. We contact a church or local agency on our network that is a suitable place for the ex-offender, near to where they are locating or relocating. We ask the church or agency if they are in a position at that time to support this individual.
4. If they agree, we then pass on the ex-offender’s details. If not, we try another church or local agency on our network in the area until we find one that can offer adequate support and is willing to help. We also inform the ex-offender that they have been linked to a church or local agency, and provide them with their assigned mentor’s name with other information.
5. A member of the church/agency CFEO team contacts the ex-offender while they are still in prison, tries to visit, and on release personally meets them at the gate (if needed) or at the Community release center.
6. The mentor meets with the ex-offender regularly to help with any of the practicalities of settlement or resettlement. Committees for Ex-Offenders staff are available to answer queries and assist the church/agency in any way to offer this support.
7. We contact the church/agency at intervals to assess the progress of the relationship and check if they need any further support. We can then update the prison chaplain and/or probation if they wish to hear how the individual is doing.
8. The Ex-offenders becomes a member of the CFEO and has voting rights as long as the member is during good in the community and holds such membership in good standing.

If you are a prison chaplain or resettlement officer.

And know an inmate who would benefit from some directed support or assistance in any of the National Offender Management Service Pathways on release, CFEO can assist you. CFEO will also arrange for a mentor to meet the individual from the prison. We conduct risk assessments, can contact a trained local mentor to help them reintegrate into the COMMITTEE  FOR EX-OFFENDERS EQUALITY, INC.community, and aim to reduce reoffending through this one-on-one help. We can keep you informed of the ongoing relationship and the progress of the ex-offender's journey. The best way for you to be involved is to promote the work of Committee for Ex-offenders. Talk in prisons about the possibility for extra support on release. You can then refer them to Committee for Ex-Offenders by encouraging them to complete the contact form, and completing a risk assessment for the individual. You too can keep up to date with our work, so drop us a line to request receipt of our newsletter.


If you are an Ex-Offender,

and would like to receive extra support upon your release, CFEO can connect you with a local church and a mentor. The team will assist you in finding accommodation and employment, as well as offer help with addictions, debt advice, and other practical matters. If you would like to be supported by Committee for Ex-offenders, fill in one of our referral forms.